Friday, 6 September 2013

Strand Life Sciences - Algorithm Test

Strand Life Sciences offered work profile of software engineering in their Bangalore office, during 2012 placements at IITB.

Duration: 1 hour
Type: Pen-and-paper based

1.  void star(int i) {
if (i > 1) {
cout << "hello" << endl;

  int main() {
How many times does "hello" gets printed?

2. Rank functions (3/2)^n, 2^n, n^3, n! in order of increasing Big-O

3. Find maximum number of partitions in which the 2D-plane is divided by n lines. Extend this argument to V-shaped figures instead of lines. Assume the V-shaped figures extend infinitely

4. Given 2 strings, check if they are anagrams

5. Find all permutations of a string

6. Find maximum sum contiguous sub-sequence in an array of +ve and -ve numbers