What is this?
I started this blog right after getting grilled for 2 months during the placement season (2012) at IIT-Bombay. While going through the placements tests and interviews of a number of companies, I found that there were a few resources on the web that gave you all-round information about cracking a firm. Each firm's selection methods are distinct and thus you need to prep up for each firm accordingly. To crack a firm you need to know about it's testing and interviewing process. This blog is my attempt to fill up the information gaps that exist in this specific universe.

Why the name?
I was very intrigued by reading Steve Yegge's post and I also consider Google to be the best firm because of the awesome products they develop and the user experience they provide. Hence the name Get that Job at Google!

Who am I?
I am pursuing my BTech in Computer Science at IIT-Bombay. I have spent most of my life in Mumbai. Topics that I love to take a dig at:
  • Software Engineering & Algorithms
  • Statistics
  • World Economics
  • Indian Politics
  • Game Theory
My web presence
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