Great websites for Coding / Quant / Puzzle-based Interviews

CareerCup This is a very important site for software engineering interviews. It has tons of questions categorized by companies. The community is very active and you will definitely find the most recently asked questions for top companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc.

GeeksforGeeks An awesome website which contains very good articles on various CS concepts and also interview experiences of major CS companies.

CSE Blog Very useful for cracking Quant Finance interviews.

TechInterview Contains the most commonly asked puzzles. Make sure that you glance through all the puzzles on this one, you might get lucky!

Gurmeet Manku's Blog Another one containing many general puzzles and CS puzzles.

Leetcode Has some great problems and it's solutions. Also has a list of commonly asked coding questions.

Hacking a Google Interview This is a course designed at MIT specially focused on cracking coding interviews of top CS companies like Google, Facebook, Apple. The content is basic but very neat and to the point.

Super-cool books based on Finance / Economics


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